Fuji Sukiyaki Restaurant Identity

Fuji Sukiyaki is one of the longest-running Japanese restaurants in San Mateo, as it was established in 1987 and continues to thrive today. I created an identity that includes menus, a drinks list, business card, gift certificate, business forms, and posters. Since the restaurant blends both a traditional and modern (Americanized) approach to their food, the identity shows that by combining traditional brushwork with a modern sans serif. Custom lettering (brushwork) was created for the wordmark. A pattern was also developed to be used across the system.

The logotype
: The logotype

The icons
: The icons



Materials to be put on tables
: Materials to be put on tables

Sales Report and Letterhead
: Sales Report and Letterhead

The menu cover and inside page
: The menu cover and inside page

Dinner specials
: Dinner specials

Lunch menu
: Lunch menu

Posters utilizing the icons
: Posters utilizing the icons