Personal Statement

Some people say that design is a job. I say that it is a predisposition. It is not enough to view design as a means to a paycheck, but rather as a devotion to a craft. Great designers live a life of dedication and study. I am not a designer because I chose to be one, but rather am a designer because I could not see myself as anything else.

Design as a job challenges one to think critically, but to design is to put a part of yourself in your work. As a designer, I am passionate about my work, and being persistent and motivated are not just characteristics that describe me, but are essential to design as well. Designing something is not just coming up with a solution, but being able to imbue those solutions with meaning and defend them.

My love for Swiss Design has influenced my work as it is straightforward without losing sight of creative flair and the objectivity at hand. Just like Swiss Design, I have adopted the mindset that only necessary elements should be applied—my work aims to be clear and refined. I am a progressive designer with an emphasis on precise implementation and a focused message.

As a design professional, my hope is to continue to grow both personally and creatively in becoming a better problem solver, communicator, and artist. Having chosen design as my career path, I aspire to be a great designer on a lifelong commitment to learning.